Too much talk…and not enough listening | Tips on how to improve customer service skills

Your staff might be the greatest experts on your product or service but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are providing excellent customer service skills.

You might think that a customer wants to hear your expert opinions but they can get frustrated when they feel they are not being listened to. Your staff might talk for too long about the products, or talk too quickly or interrupt the customers because they have heard the question before. These behaviours can alienate the customer and make them feel that their request is less important or that they are mis-understood.

Avoid this by asking more questions and actively listening to the answers.

At Above & Beyond Training we guide your staff to understand what is truly

excellent customer service by sharing tried and true tips & techniques for conducting meaningful conversations with your customers. Our customer services training courses discuss active listening and effective questioning techniques to identify customer actual needs and making suggestions, leading them to improve their customer service skills.