Do your staff understand your business?

Sure they might understand your product or service but do they really understand your business?

There is great value in sharing your company vision & mission with your staff. It helps them to feel committed to a shared goal and to see how they fit into its future success. If they don’t know the vision then they will focus solely on personal fulfillment rather than the shared benefit to the company.

It’s also important that all employees understand the history of the company, this will give them a wider understanding so they understand the past, present and future of the company they work for. I strongly recommend that this becomes a part of your staff training and development plan for your business.

With this wider and deeper knowledge they will be driven to be a significant contributor to the future of the business which will lead to richer, more expert conversations with customers.

At Above & Beyond Training we guide your staff to understand excellent customer service by helping them to understand what your business is all about. As part of our training workshops we look at your company vision and discuss what it really means to them and how they fit in to the process. Once they have a deeper understanding of their purpose in the organisation they are open to learning more about how customer service can benefit customers, themselves and the company alike.