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Hi I'm Sarah Carr-Gomm


I have had an extensive career in teaching, training and business management over the past 25 years. I have a background as a teacher and have taught at various schools both in the United Kingdom and abroad.


In 2005 I established my own business in New Zealand and grew it to 65 staff and a nationwide brand. I am proud to say that this company had a reputation for providing superb customer service both over the phone and face to face with its customers, and it was this reputation that led to its huge success.

I believe that Customer Service is the key to success in any business and I know first hand that it only takes one negative interaction with a poorly trained staff member to not only lose a customer but also lose any potential referral that customer may have made to their friends & family.

I have developed a number of training modules designed for your front-line staff to really learn the importance of great customer service – plus we do it in a engaging and fun way so the new techniques actually get implemented! It’s this training that boosted the reputation of my company which was reflected by high customer satisfaction and retention rates, and excellent NPS ratings.

By engaging me to train your staff you will see immediate changes in their attitude towards your valuable customer. Plus you customers will be happy – leading to immediate increase in sales!


In 2019 I decided to align myself with Quantum Leap Business Advisors, a global brand with a great reputation for providing simple, low-cost strategies to assist business owners on their path to greatness. The Quantum Leap Program is a dynamic 90-Day Business Improvement curriculum. As the name suggests, it is designed to provide significant breakthrough in increasing revenue and profit while decreasing time stress for business owners. It aligns really well with my people focused approach so both the business owner and their team are engaged and supported in achieving success in business.

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